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Meet the Team

We founded Best Management Team, Best Rent Finders, LLC & Best Realty Finder, LLC over 20 years ago in Las Vegas, NV. We are a full-service real estate brokerage with the knowledge and resources to be a leader in our real estate market and in the property management community. Our services include sales, leasing and property management of residential and commercial properties. We are always working to introduce new and proactive methods of saving investors’ money and maximizing their income.

REALTORS® | Property Managers

Sonya Owings, REALTOR®
Brokers, Sales, PM Manager
License: B.0143762 | PM:0163514
(702) 222-2154
Justin Ohama, REALTOR®
Property Manager, Sales
License: B.S.0144878 | PM:0166669
(702) 222-2153
Angela Hoiby, REALTOR®
Sales, PM, Maint. | HOA
License: S.0173721 | PM:0165980
Nancy Hevia, REALTOR®
Corp. Broker of Record
License: B.0023096.CORP
Eric Owings, REALTOR®
Commercial, Development
License: S.0055142
Ron Hurst, REALTOR®
Commercial, Sales, Leasing
License: S.0042639
Bobby Hasson, REALTOR®
Residential Sales, Leasing
(702) 222-2288
John Christensen, REALTOR®
Residential Sales, Leasing
(702) 222-2288


Laura Bewick
Lead Bookkeeper
License: S.0183589 | PM: 0167176


Savannah Alyse
Property Management
(702) 222-2288