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Buying Rental Property - Hiring Property Management Services

Buying Rental Property - Hiring Property Management Services


I live in Toronto,On and basically prices here are ridiculous to put it in perspective I saw a tiny house, no backyard literally looked like a large shed sell for $550,000. The cities next to me are also going way up so I can’t really buy anything around there. HOWEVER out of province there are some great deals BUT I do not want to travel there to see them because let’s be realistic I don’t have the time to go all over the country to buy a property. Im looking to buy a duplex.

My question is, can I hire a company to do the research and look at the property out of province and then give me the scoop on them? I’m hiring a property manager either way to manage the property but what wondering if they do that as well? Also, if they do, how will I be able to pay for the property as in how do I send my down payment for it without leaving Toronto? Thanks!

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Best Management Team - Las Vegas July 8, 2019 at 11:17 AM

Liked your post. If you were buying an investment property in Las Vegas, NV we would help you every step of the way. Our Propert Management firm does exactly what you are asking about. All of our Agents  / Property Managers are licensed real estate agents and are members of the local and national Association of REALTORS. If you wanted to consider buying property in Las Vegas, we would be happy to help you. ( &

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