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Property Types for Investing

Property Types for Investing

If I want to buy a house primarily for renting, which do I choose?

Was going to buy a house with a friend (I will be the sole-owner, paying 20% down, he will be renting from me.) we were going to live together for 1-4 years (ideally 2+). If I wanted to house-hack this, which would be the best traditionally? A Condo, town-home, or a normal family style house. Mainly for the future rental property aspects. I have 120,000 liquid and looking to buy in like 6-12 months and this would be in Austin.

Basically, which is the best for renting typically? Condos, Town-homes, or Normal Family homes? (Condos -150-190k, Town-homes 190-230k or family homes 230-260k.) 

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