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News Travels Fast

News Travels Fast

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News travels fast!

I’m sure you have already heard about the dramatic events in the last moments of the 2019 Nevada Legislative session…

If you haven’t heard about the despicable acts some legislators pulled in the dark of the night…well as they say fact is usually stranger than fiction.

At 1:30 am, on the last day of the session, literally under the dark of night, a handful of legislators took language from a landlord tenant bill that had been declared dead and inserted it into a bill which had passed.

You read that correctly, a landlord tenant bill which would have been disastrous for our housing market for Nevada homeowners and tenants, heard within the legitimate legislative process died because a majority of legislators shared our concerns.
 Yet, legislators turned their back on Nevada’s homeowners and inserted parts of the dead bill in the middle of the night!

It was underhanded. It was wrong. And we will remember.
Because of the massive response to our calls to action by REALTOR® members, our lobbying team was able to gain some significant concessions from the proponents of the bill. Without your hard work and dedication to Nevada's homeowners and Nevada’s hard working families who rent, this would have been much worse...(full article below).

Keith Lynam, President
Nevada Association of REALTORS®

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