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Nevda Laws Impacting Landlords and Tenants

Nevda Laws Impacting Landlords and Tenants


Construction defects: Makes it easier for homeowners to pursue construction defect claims against builders, contractors and others who worked on their homes. (Assembly Bill 421 effective Oct. 1; signed by governor).

Builders warranty: Requires homebuilders to provide to the purchaser of new homes a warranty valid for at least one year from the date of occupancy, with extensions allowed until a claim is resolved or repairs completed. (Assembly Bill 440, signed by governor.)

Evictions: Allows a landlord or tenant to appeal a summary eviction order entered for failure to pay rent. (Senate Bill 74 effective Oct. 1; signed by governor.)

Affordable housing: Certain local governments (in Clark and Washoe Counties) can reduce or subsidize impact and building permit fees and other fees to induce developers to build more affordable housing. (Senate Bill 103 effective July 1; signed by governor.)

Tenant rights: Extends time frame for evictions and limits late fees for unpaid rent. (Senate Bill 151 effective July 1; not yet signed.)

Keeping pets: Residents of state-assisted low-income housing may have pets, if they follow rules about noise, keeping pets controlled and cleaning up after them. (Senate Bill 367 effective Jan. 1; signed by governor.)

Affording housing tax credits: Provides $10 million in tax credits per year to spur creation of affordable housing. (Senate Bill 448 effective July 1; not yet signed.)

Homeowner associations

Keeping pets, Part 2: Restricts HOAs and other common-interest community associations from prohibiting an owner from keeping at least one pet. (Assembly Bill 161effective Oct. 1; signed by governor.)

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